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Our Pressed Edible Flowers has quickly become a crowd favourite. These flowers are grown organically here at our farm or sourced from another local organic flower farmer. They are pressed fresh and freeze dried to retain colour and vibrant looks.

All flowers we grow and use are edible and without pesticides or chemicals! 

Using these methods we have created a product that can be ordered in advance for special occasions like weddings and special birthdays. This makes it easy and stress free for the baker to have flowers ready on hand to use. 

Pressed Edible Flowers

These flowers have been designed for the professional baker in mind but we've found that even novice home bakers achieve great results with them.

Pressed, edible, freeze-dried flowers are a fantastic choice for decorating cakes. They keep their bright colors and shapes, last a long time, and add a natural touch without changing the flavor of your dessert. These flowers are perfect for creating a meadow-style, garden-inspired, boho look that adds a unique and beautiful vibe to your sweet creations.

We supply the flowers in A4 sheets, each containing a selection of edible flowers in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to create a garden spring/summer feel. You will receive a combination of whole flowers and flowers on stems. Each order has have a vibrant, balanced colourful combination.

We recommend using these sheets within 3 months of purchase. Please email us to secure flowers for a future event and enquire regarding specific colour schemes.

2 sheets are recommended for a small to medium cake and they can look great in combination with our flower mixes and citruses! The cake displayed is made by Charley's Catering Co and is a double layer 8" & 10" respectively using 3 sheets of flowers to decorate.

The flowers are supplied vacuum packed in food safe bags for maximum freshness and easiness to store until use. They will keep for 6 months at room temp out of sunlight but we recommend using them within 3 months if possible.



  • Our pressed flowers are supplied in a vacuum-sealed bag to keep them fresh and ensure they store well.

    • Keep the flower sheets at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

    • Open the flower sheets just as you are about to use them.


One of the most common questions I receive:

"Can i decorate my cake with pressed flowers in advance and keep it in the fridge over night?"


Yes, you can decorate with pressed flowers one day in advance, but keep in mind that some flowers are more sensitive and may display blotching when absorbing moisture. We recommend decorating the cake with flowers on the same day to achieve the best results, though we understand this may not always be possible.

Here are some tips to ensure your flowers look their best:

  • Keep Extra Flowers: Set aside a few extra flowers, especially thinner ones like violas, to replace any that may show blotching.

  • Minimize Moisture: Avoid adding additional moisture to the flowers. Buttercream is a preferred frosting option as it tends to yield better results with pressed flowers.

  • Handle with Care: Gently press each flower into the buttercream to secure it in place without damaging the delicate petals.

  • By following these guidelines, you can ensure your cake remains beautifully decorated with pressed flowers, even if you need to prepare it in advance.

Preparation and Decoration:

  • Set up:

    • Ensure your cake is ready: The cake should be fully cooled and frosted. Buttercream, fondant, or any smooth frosting works best as a base for the flowers. White or coloured icing are equally fabulous.

    • Gather materials: Have your pressed flowers, scissors, and edible glue ready (or additional buttercream to use as an adhesive).

  • Opening the Flower Sheets:

    • Keep flowers at room temperature: Store the flower sheets at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

    • Open the flower sheets just before use: This ensures they stay fresh and vibrant.

    • Cut the plastic: Using scissors, cut along all four sides of the cardboard that the flowers are placed on.

    • Peel off the top layer of plastic: Gently peel it back like opening a binder to reveal the flowers.

  • Handling the Flowers:

    • Remove flowers carefully: Hold the thickest part of the flower to gently lift it off the sheet. If a flower breaks, don’t worry. You can reassemble it directly on the cake or use a bit of edible glue.

    • Plan your design: Before placing the flowers, arrange them on a flat surface to visualize your design. This step helps you decide the placement without committing.

  • Applying Flowers to the Cake:

    • Place flowers on the cake: Gently press each flower onto the frosted cake. The frosting should be slightly tacky to hold the flowers in place. If needed, use a small brush to apply a thin layer of edible glue to the back of the flowers for better adhesion.

    • Create layers: For a more dynamic design, layer smaller flowers over larger ones or overlap petals to add depth.

    • Smooth the edges: Use a clean brush or your fingers to gently press the edges of the flowers into the frosting, ensuring they lie flat.

  • Final Touches:

    • **Inspect and adjust

  • Storing Leftover Flowers:

    • If you have a few leftover flowers, place them in an airtight container and use them within 4 weeks.


Please note, this is general advice only, and we cannot take responsibility for the results as pressed flowers are a natural product and each situation and circumstance may vary.


 Please tag me in your creations as I love seeing them! /Lizzie  @piccoloedibles 

Last minute order? Express Shipping is sent next business day when ordered by 6pm!

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