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1 A4 sheet of pressed freeze dried edible flowers, A selection of edible flowers in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to create a garden spring/summer feel. Each sheet contains a combination of whole flowers and flowers on stems. Each order has have a vibrant, balanced colourful combination for a beautiful meadow style cake.


Note, if you order pressed flowers only you will get express postage at the lower flat rate of $12.


We recommend using these sheets within 3 months of purchase. Please email us to secure flowers for a future event and enquire regarding specific colour schemes.


Perfect for decorating cakes meadow style or decorating chocolate, bisquits and so on.

2 sheets are recommended for a small to medium cake and they can look great in combination with our flower mixes and citruses! The cake displayed is made by Charley's Catering Co and is a double layer 8" & 10" respectively using 3 sheets of flowers to decorate.


The flowers are supplied vacuum packed in food safe bags for maximum freshness and easiness to store until use. They will keep for 6 months at room temp out of sunlight but we recommend using them within 3 months if possible.


Note, the packaging should be cut with a knife on all sides then opened like a folder. Flowers are fragile so remove slowly holding the center/most dense part of the flower.


Each sheet will have its own unique character as the season and individual flowers have their own look. This means you will have your own special cake. and the photos are just there as a reference.


The freeze drying process maintains appearance and colour or the original flowers which means this product can be kept on hand and used as needed, no spoilage and with the look or fresh pressed flowers!


Ingredients: 100% Edible Flowers


Organically grown at our farm All our products are handled by us only and no additives/chemicals/preservatives or other nasties are used in the product or process.

Crisp dry petals are very fragile so handle with care. Flower petals which has soften due to air moisture exposure may still be used. In fact, you can leave them out for an hour or so before use if you want some flexibility to make them easier to handle.

Our products are safe to use on food and to be eaten. If you are decorating a cake you may wish to support larger blooms with wire.

If using a FD product to decorate to a high moisture food item such as buttercream, cocktail or smoothie then decorate immediately before serving. Keep your food products in a closed jar/bag and only open when needed.

Pressed Freeze Dried Edible Flowers


    Edible Flowers

    Last minute order? Express Shipping is sent next business day when ordered by 6pm!

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