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We specialise in freeze dried edible flowers and garnishes with organically grown flowers harvested in peak season at our farm in the Northern Rivers.

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Freeze Dried Edible Flowers


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All our products are hand crafted by us in the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia. They are100% natural with no additives or preservatives.

Use our creative freeze dried products to take your food/cake/cocktail to the next level. Wow your guests with a truly unique handcrafted artisan product.

Our unusual range is selected by us to provide interesting and creative ways to decorate and flavour food. Basically, if we find it interesting/fun/fab then we will produce it! 

We are open to discuss collabs with professional chefs/cake decorators and bars specifically for their business. All our products are available in our online shop.

Restaurant Pumpkin dish

Freeze dried pumpkin cubes, photo courtesy of Birch Restaurant, Moss Vale.

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Produced in Australia using Local Produce

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Only Natural Products,

No Fillers, No Nasties

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Earth Friendly - Solar Powered Freeze Drying

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Family Owned and Operated



Freeze Dried Products


  • 98% of moisture is removed from a food item through freezing and evaporation under vacuum pressure. No chemicals are used in the process.

  •  All our products are handled by us only and no additives/chemicals or preservatives are used. 


  • Our products are shelf stable. 

  • Store at room temperature away from sunlight.

  • Freeze dried products will absorb moisture quickly so remove from packaging and add just before serving.

  • Keep your food products in a closed jar and only open when needed. 

  • Freeze dried products are best used before 12 months.​


  • Each item is hand made and may differ from the next.

  • Products may compact during transport and whilst the jars are filled at packing they may look less full on receipt. 

  • If powders have settled shake, tap the jar lightly on a bench or use a utensil to break apart.

  • Powders (especially those including sugar), will absorb moisture quickly. Ensure the jar/vial is closed directly after use to avoid clumping.



  • Freeze drying locks in just about all the nutrients of fresh produce and as such is a quick and easy method to boost your vitamin/ mineral intake present in the fresh produce.

  • The product is not cooked since the freeze drying process will not heat up the product. 


  • Most of our raw ingredients are organically grown by ourselves or by Australian organic growers. Only exception is the ice cream which, is not organic, but wholly Australian.


  • Products may compact during transport. 

  • We can't control shipping so please ensure your order is placed with ample time for delivery.

  • We use Australia Post standard and express shipping.


  • Crisp dry petals are very fragile so handle with care.

  • Flower petals which has soften due to air moisture exposure may still be used. In fact, you can leave them out for an hour or so before use if you want some flexibility to make them easier to handle. 

  • Our products are safe to use on food and to be eaten. If you are decorating a cake you may wish to support larger blooms with wire.

  • If using a FD product to decorate to a high moisture food item such as buttercream, cocktail or smoothie then decorate immediately before serving.

For information regarding shipping and refund, please go HERE.

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Last minute order? Express Shipping is sent next business day when ordered by 6pm!

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