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Are you ready to transform your garden into a thriving oasis of beauty and productivity?

Introducing my Printable Garden Planner!


Designed by Lizzie, a Market Gardener, Flower Farmer and edible gardening teacher of ten years! 


- Print as many copies of each page that you need and keep adding year after year!

Are you tired of struggling with garden organization, forgetting planting dates, and losing track of your beloved plants? Even professionals have that problem. Here's your solution to that problem.


This printable garden planner that equips you with all the essential resources for a flourishing garden. From garden layout and plant care to the joy of harvesting and garden upkeep, this planner encompasses the most important focus areas so you can spend your time enjoying the garden!


It offers dedicated sections for garden design, plant nurturing, and harvesting, simplifying the task of monitoring your garden's development and ensuring you never miss a gardening task. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or embarking on your gardening journey, this planner stands as the ultimate instrument to transform your gardening aspirations into reality.


Our printable garden planner is a gardener's best friend and you get a printable digital copy covering all these subjects:


Included Focus Areas:
- Cover Page
- Inside owners page
- Index
- Garden Layout
- Garden Bed Layout
- Sowing Schedule
- Succession Planting
- Weekly Plan
- Plant Card
- Crop Notes
- Watering Schedule
- Seasonal Checklist
- Seed Inventory
- Vegetable Yearly Calendar
- Fruit Yearly Calendar
- Garden Expenses
- Pest Prevention Plan
- Harvest Log
- Irrigation Shopping List
- Tool Maintenance
- Notes for Next Season


More colour options are available in other listings in our shop.



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Gardening Planner - Burgundy/Pink A5 Size


    Edible Flowers

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